• Homely Chefs Bengaluru is a Platform to re-invent the ‘Chef’ in you while showcasing your best of Culinary Skills (State-Wise), Recipes and more…
  • Homely Chefs Bengaluru is Partnering with Home-Chefs/Home-Makers who can cater best of Statewise Authentic & Signature Dishes for fellow foodies.
  • If you learned some International Dishes (American Steaks, BBQ, Afghan Style, Turkish Style, Italian, etc.), you can register here too.

How does it work?

  1. Fill the below form and submit.
  2. Few Food Testing Samples to be Provided by the Home-Chefs. HCB team will check those and provide necessary feedback (if required).
  3. Commercials to be discussed Per Dish, Per Kg.
  4. Once HCB Approves your Samples, you need to Share your Picture along with your Introductions and Passion towards cooking. Follow this link and read more about our Registered Chefs: https://homelychefsbengaluru.com/homely-chefs-corner/
  5. You will be given access to our System. You need to upload pictures of your Dish, talk about your Recipe which includes why it’s so special and so on…
  6. Your Menu will be also made available at our Restaurant in HSR Layout for Foodies to Order it Online (HCB works only on Made to Order which means you will be notified by us 6-24 Hours in Advance).
  7. For any Party Orders, HCB Foodies Meet, etc. we will engage multiple home-chefs for Tailored Menu.

Homely Chef Registration Form

(Note: This content will be Published at HCB Chefs Corner).
(Note: Maximum Limit Set to 25 Plates Per Dish. We're talking about the Local Cuisines from your State). E.g if you are from Karnataka, you will be only assigned for Karnataka's Authentic and Signature Dishes.)
(FSSAI Standard is for Food Safety which also includes High-Quality Hygenic Food).
Min Sample Quantity of 250 gm per dish. Approx 2-3 Dishes.
(Note: Aadhar Card, PAN Card & Photograph is Mandatory and your Photo will be used for Your Online Chef Profile.)

(Please Note: We’re only partnering with only Home-Chefs wants to showcase their best of Culinary Skills and have that Passion towards cooking. We’re not engaging any commercial entities.)

Eat & Share 🙂

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