Home Chefs Bengaluru a.k.a HCB is a Foodies Community from Bangalore who plans to explore all homemade Authentic & Signature Dishes which are Mastered and Tailored by Home Chefs from North, South, East, North-East & West.

HCB follows certain strict rules and disciplines to encourage the Art of Cooking and showcasing the Best of Culinary Skills by the Home-Makers. When it comes to food and foodies dishes that we cater, we want all the Foodies to Relish and order again.

HCB Standards & FSSAI

  1. Extremely Healthy and Hygenic Food from your State as represented by you. HCB Promotes only High-Quality Food which is Authentic & Signature in Nature.
  2. The kitchen that is used to Cook needs to absolutely Neat and Clean. No Cockroaches, No Rats around, No Garbage.
  3. While Cooking Chefs need to use head covers, gloves and we don’t expect any hair on the Food.
  4. Neat & Clean Vessels only to be used to cook.
  5. Absolutely High-Quality Ingredients & Handpicked Spices, High-Quality Meat which are available at Spar, Star Bazaar and other Malls or Suguna Retail Outlets which are absolutely clean.
  6. Vegetables are Washed properly to avoid any Pesticides and Dirt.
  7. Regular Audits via HCB Team to ensure that we can deliver the best of food to the Foodies including us.
  8. We don’t partner with Commercial Cooking Units which are not maintained or are unhygienic.
  9. Cooking is an Art and which takes hours to Produce the Best of Authentic and Signature Dishes.

Eat & Share 🙂

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