Chef alenka Bhattacharya

Hi, I am Alenka an Entrepreneur from HSR Layout, Bangalore. I might not be a die-hard foodie rather I am a cookaholic 🙂 and I am here to delight your taste buds with some lip-smacking authentic Bengali dishes.

My specialities are: Basanti pulao (Yellow Sweet Pulao with cashew nuts and raisins), Ilish Bhapa (steamed Hilsha in mustard gravy), Tel Koi (Koi fish slow cooked), Hansher dim kosha (duck egg curry), Mangsho Kosha(Spicy mutton curry), Alu Posto (potato cooked in poppy seed gravy), Murgi Alu jhol (chicken curry with potato, Narkel posto bora (coconut and poppy seed fritters),Radhaballavi with Alur Dom (stuffed puri with dum alu) and many more dishes to revive the taste from back home wish you miss while you eat out.

Eat & Share 🙂

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